Shaving is a natural practice we all do from time to time. Truth is, not all time do we shave correctly. Did you know there are techniques to be done beforehand to ensure a perfect shave with every stroke?

Dermatologists worldwide know the secrets and the essence of the benefits good shaving methods have on our skin. Nonetheless, we take you through some of these techniques used as we share the secrets as to how to shave your legs perfectly for a soft, silky smooth and fresh skin appearance each time your shave.

Tip #1. Select a Freshly Sharpened and Dry Razor

It goes without saying, the sharper the razor, the cleaner the cut. By securing a clean, sharp and preferably new razor, shaving your legs will be a smooth process. For your safety avoid using a dull razor as these can indeed cause skin irritation and cuts not to mention irritable razor burns especially if force is applied.

Tip #2. Dampen Your Skin With Warm Water

By soaking your legs into a bath of warm water (hot if preferred), your pores on the surface of your skin exfoliate due to the heat. This means that your skin begins to soften up as well as remove excess dirt and oil buildup that was trapped in the pores of your skin, resulting in a smoother shave.

Tip #3. Shaving Cream

Depending on your preference and likes, it advisable to select a cream that has no effects of irritation on the skin. Due to the large variety of skin care products in the market, go for the ones that have no effect on irritation as some might have depending on your skin sensitivity.

Apply a hint of cream along the length of your legs, covering the base of the ankle and all the way to the top of the knee. Softly massaging your leg helps spread out and get the cream soaked in your hair fibers, effectively making it easier to body shave when the blade is run against it.

Tip #4. Always Shave Against and Not Along

Run your blade from the bottom up. Start off from your ankles and slowly pull all the way until you reach the knee, ensuring to apply little pressure all in one stroke. To correctly ensure the right pressure is applied, your skin should not form a depression when the blade is run on it. By doing so, you avoid getting cut and causing ugly wounds. Take slow and gentle strokes like you would a paintbrush to avoid razor burns. ouch!

Tip #5. Unclog The Razor By Rinsing Frequently

As you shave, you will notice hair build up on the blades. Gradually, the hair will clog up the blade and turn it dull. To prevent this, it’s best to have a source of running water nearby like a faucet or bowl as to which you can dip the razor into and shake off the hair clogging it. Repeat the process as often as need be until all hair has been thoroughly shaken off. Dry the razor with a cloth to prevent rust build up (or dulling of the blade) throughout the process.

Tip #6. Rinse Effectively and Apply Lotion After Shaving

After ensuring all signs of hair are shaven off your legs, it is recommended by dermatologists to rinse your legs with cold instead of hot water as it effectively closes the cuticles (outer layer of hair) while lowering the temperature and any swellings on your legs.

Soon after, you would want to dry with a towel and apply skin lotion onto your legs. As a result, you will experience a softer and richer glow on the skin surface of your legs, boasting off an effective if not perfect shaving experience.