With the new year, comes a new you – and I think many of us underestimate the power our living space can have over our mood. Having somewhere you can call home is a blessing in itself, but a home that radiates positivity and ‘good vibes’ is essential for creating a space you can truly feel content in.

So, to kick off the new year with a new positive outlook and fresh mindset, I’ve got the perfect decor tips and essentials to truly revamp your living space and make a true statement in your home.

Top Tips

  • I am in the process of making a move in my life, and the first thing I did was declutter! If you really want a fresh new room/home, you can’t do that with all your old junk lying around. Donate unwanted clothes, bin the rubbish, and take down the old posters.
  • Whether you want a colour change, or love it as it is – repainting is a cost effective way of updating your living space and giving it a fresh feel.
  • Swap your bedding for something a little more sophisticated; I am a true believer of less is more – and by using a basic duvet, you can tart it up with a new throw and cushions.
  • A feature wall is a fantastic way of adding character to a room that is considered minimal (i.e. little colour and furniture). Print out a selection of your favourite album covers, quotes, and pictures to create your ideal gallery wall.Decor Tips

Essential Decor Pieces

  • Funky rugs, cushions, and throws are my go-to pieces for giving character to my living space. I like to keep things minimal in colour and furniture, and then throwing in a few statement pieces (such as tapestries) that really pop against the neutral decor.
  • House plants are essential for creating a tranquil environment; they add life and essence to your home and promote a healthy lifestyle. They really lighten up the place!
  • Lighting is key for creating a great space; I personally think natural lighting and large over-the-top chandeliers and floor lamps are the best.
    Decor Tips

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Written by Clo Gascoigne