We know how you get over a hangover. Your hand reaches for anything greasy! Listen up though – there are some seriously good reasons why you should change from grease to green after one too many shots…


Churning stomach? The king of all antioxidants, ginger calms everything down in the digestive system, blocking serotonin receptors in the stomach. Grab a large can of ginger ale, chop a good old chunk into a stir fry and feel yourself come back to life again!


There is a lot of goodness in these little bad boys! Too much beer leaves the body running far too low on vitamins and salt. Gherkins are rich in nutrients including vitamin A, iron and potassium. So, if you really have to go to Mc-you-know-what, order extra gherkins with your burger.


Are you brave enough to take on the greenest leaf of them all? Give your liver a helping hand and eat lots of spinach. Each leaf is filled to the brim with vitamin C and folic acid – These nutrients are very well known for telling your hangover to go away and come back another day!

Green tea

Everyone should know that green tea is healthy by now. This works a treat, especially if you just remembered something you regret massively from the night before – green tea will almost instantly calm you down. Slurping on this will mean a healthier liver, which will help you recover at a rapid rate!

Coconut Water

The electrolyte-boosting option, free of nasty ingredients that are found in fizzy drinks! In fact, a recent study confirmed that coconut water is just as good as a fizzy drink on a hangover. Enjoying this means you won’t get the taste of the vodka lemonade and lime from the night before either.


Eggs have a decent portion of protein; this helps massively to stabilize your wobbly blood sugar. Do your good deed for the day too by purchasing organic pastured eggs – this basically means they come from hens raised on grass, rather than being unfairly rammed in a cage. This type of egg will certainly help boost your body with lots of B vitamins, drained from drinking alcohol.