We all understand that a student diet can be a scary thing, but that doesn’t excuse the use of these kitchen ‘must haves’. The creators of these use kitchen appliances should be ashamed of themselves.

Egg Cooker

Because someone thought that boiling an egg was too difficult. Students are infamous for simplifying meal time, but this is just ridiculous.

Electric Cheese Grater

Like many of the items on this list, the electric cheese grater aims to take laziness to the extreme. It seems a bit counter intuitive though, as the fact that it requires power and must be awkward to clean makes this more of a pain than a regular cheese grater.

Banana slicer

Not knowing how to use a knife seems to be a common theme among pointless kitchen appliances. Anyway, who the hell slices their bananas?

Rotisserie Grill

At first, this may not seem completely stupid. Think about it though: when would you use this? An oven and a microwave are enough to get the job done, and even splashing out on a nice BBQ is fair play. A good quality rotisserie grill, though, is really going to cost you. Unless of course you don’t mind the end result being worse than if you just stuck to using the oven. 

Baby Food Maker

Instead of just buying it from the supermarket, you can spend more money on the individual ingredients of baby food, and then buy this device to mash it all up for you. Money well spent.

Quesadilla Maker

This is so beautifully specific. Ever fancied whipping up a quick quesadilla? Now that you mention it…  No. 

Pickle Picker

Picking pickles with a fork is a finicky process, so I appreciate why someone thought this would be useful. But you can’t avoid the fact that going into another room to fetch the pickle picker is a greater inconvenience than just wielding a fork like the rest of us.

Butter Dispenser

It’s a syringe… for butter? Am I seeing this right? This one really begs the question: what is this used for? If anyone knows the answer, please email me at whothehellcares@pointlessgarbage.net

Pepper Prepper

Not only is this oddly specific, but it’s also totally pointless. Do you really need a gadget for scooping out a pepper? Again, so many of these products can be easily replaced by a knife. One word sums this all up perfectly: clutter.

One-Step Corn Kerneler

Just eat the damn corn.

-Written by Elliot Norman-