Some of the best student-friendly recipe books are those that keep budgets and time restrictions in mind. However, not all students want a 5-minute meal with little to no health benefits. With more and more people turning to a greener way of eating, there are plenty of vegetarian-centric food blogs, cookbooks and Instagram accounts that provide lots of inspiration on how to get creative with your vegetables, grains, nuts and pulses. For those who still seek meat and fish recipes, there are quite a few that encourage the right sourcing of ingredients as and when your budget allows for them.

University can be a great time to develop your passion for all things food. If you find yourself experimenting with your own recipes and unusual ingredients, you could even start your own blog to share your ideas with others. Getting started with a website is pretty easy to do these days, and it can be a great way to connect with other like-minded foodies out there, as well as for tracking your road to culinary success. In the meantime, though, allow yourself be inspired by the following selection of cookbooks:

Deliciously Ella With Friends

Someone who has taken the culinary world by storm recently is Ella Woodward, an English food writer who has made quite the name for herself as one of the nation’s most popular healthy eating advocates. Her brand, Deliciously Ella, does not only encompass a successful blog, but also various London-based food spots, and a range of products like cereals and energy bars. Her recipes are all about the plant-based ingredients, which don’t make too much of a dent on a student’s wallet. With basic ingredient lists, easy step-by-step methods and delicious outcomes, you can’t go wrong with her latest book.

5 Ingredients by Jamie Oliver

Best known for his cooking series The Naked Chef, Jamie Oliver has been on the British cooking scene for quite some time now. Admired for his healthy attitude towards lunchtime cafeterias across the UK, Jamie’s latest book does exactly what it says on the tin: it features a selection of recipes that require no more than five ingredients – something which can be of great use when you’re living on a student budget! If our chicken burgers didn’t quite whet your appetite for burgers, then Oliver’s pork burger is tipped to be superb.

Melts: Over 50 Delicious Toasted and Grilled Sandwich Recipes

We all know just how invaluable a cheese sandwich is to the life of a student: it’s cheap, requires few ingredients, can be made in a flash, and is very tasty. This book will have you no longer relying on a cheddar toastie, but rather moving into unknown territory like sweet sandwiches with cream cheese fruit, or some great experiments with unusual cuts of meat.