All of my life I have been working towards a university degree. Having that dream become a reality has meant so many wonderful experiences so far that went beyond what I imagined this experience could be like so that now, exactly halfway through my degree, I find myself wondering where I will head once this part of my life so far reaches its close in 2019. Oddly, though this makes me sad, it makes me excited for the future in the knowledge that I get to make plans and go on equally as many new adventures. But (because there is always one of those in any moment of reflection and thought) there is so much that I want to achieve before I do graduate. Most of it will no doubt take place over the summers before then, but equally as many of these bucket list elements are achievable now. Here are some of those I am most excited for.

1. As you might know from many of my previous blogs, I am a huge outdoors fan. I spend much of my time hiking and traveling our beautiful planet, so giving something back is high up on my priorities. The conservation work I am looking at getting involved with will hopefully allow me to use my love of marine biology in preserving coastal life and making the oceans a better, safer space for all of the fascinating species that live under the surface. Working with whales, in particular, is something I am particularly eager to do.

2. Studying literature has made me realise that so many subjects can be blended into one field if you look at it from the right perspective. Getting to unlock the world and its fictional counterparts has given me a deep love for language which I am passionate about sharing with others, particularly in promoting education. For this reason, another volunteering opportunity I am excited to apply for is teaching English in another country. Being able to see someone learn a new word for the first time and be able to use it to describe something in a new way – I can’t think of anything more special.

3. Travelling in general, to as many places as possible, is a definite for me. Exploring new places and learning about other cultures first hand is perhaps my favourite way to spend my time. Over the past two years, I have been to many different areas of Europe, including studying abroad in Amsterdam, encountering vibrant cities, intriguing historical sights, stunning natural views and many new friends. I hope to continue this tradition, expanding my horizons along with my perspectives.

4. Of the many things on my never-ending bucket list, the next one may seem rather small in comparison to the former two but nevertheless, it is important to me. This is to read at least 5 of the books from my 30-before-30 list, which contains some rather scary 1000 pagers. Many of them are classics whilst others are simply ones which I have had waiting around for a while and want to finally get through. Top of the list? War and Peace. Wish me luck!