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I think we all know that Disneyland is known as “the happiest place on Earth” and the place “where dreams come true”, but unless you’ve been and experienced the magic for yourself you’ll never know the full extent of joy you will feel running towards that iconic glittery pink castle.

If you’re in any deliberation about whether you should take a trip or not here’s a few reasons why I would advise anybody (who actually likes Disney) to go.

Meet Your Childhood Heroes:

One of the best things about a Disneyland holiday is the cast members during character experiences. You’re not meeting a pretty girl dressed as Alice, you’re meeting an incredibly excitable Alice who is filled with joy, hugs and stories about her adventures in Wonderland. You’re not meeting a man in a mouse suit, you’re meeting Micky, the mouse who couldn’t be happier to welcome you to his home in Paris. For anybody who was raised on Disney, your childhood dreams come to life before your very eyes.

It’s Practically Perfect in Every Way: 

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Everything in Disneyland is just exquisite, and they certainly don’t do anything by halves.
The parades, the buildings, the light shows it all big, it’s all beautiful and it’s all fabulous. Everyday you will find something else to gaze at and something else to amaze you.

Disney Universe:

It may be called Disneyland, but it’s truly a Disney Universe. From the hotels, to the buses, to the food, everything is Mickey themed. Disneyland is a wonderful chance to escape from everyday life and to just enjoy the simplicity of a mouse and his friends. But seriously, if you’re not a Disney fan this is not the place for you. You’ll be sick of the sight of everybody elses favourite mouse.  

A Common Love: 

Most people at Disneyland have a common interest. You’re all there because you love Disney. Nobody will laugh at you or judge you, so if you want to queue for 2 and a half hours to meet Rapunzel, you queue and meet your hero, if you want to buy a wedding Ariel Barbie, you buy her, if you want to be in the front for parade, you get in the front and wave as much as you like to Bert and Mary.

It’s of course an expensive holiday, so if you’re going to go please do fully embrace the magic, after all it’s the place where dreams come true.