No matter whether your company is large or small, with a fleet numbered in the thousands, or in single figures, it is more than likely that you will benefit from a car tracking system.

Global Positioning System technology (GPS) makes it possible to track and locate one of your company’s vehicles with astonishing accuracy, and it has a number of positive applications in all areas of business, with independent studies showing that using GPS trackers invariably leads to savings in both time and money, improving the efficiency of the workforce as a whole.

Car Tracking

No matter whether your company is large or small, with a fleet numbered in the thousands, or in single figures, it is more than likely that you will benefit from a car tracking system. Below are just some of the benefits of a tracker as agreed by Infiniti Tracking.

How does it work?

It couldn’t be simpler. A GPS tracker is attached to each vehicle in your fleet and, from the moment it is switched on, it is transmitting data to a central hub which you, or a member of your team, can monitor in real-time. This hub, or mapping panel, will contain various features to assist you in streamlining the activities of your drivers and field staff, letting you view the activities of the fleet as a whole, or focus on just one driver at a time.

What are the benefits?

The main benefit of a car tracking system is simply that: you will be able to track your company cars and know where they are at any given time. However, that is just the tip of the iceberg. Knowing where a vehicle is located means much more than just confirming geographical information.

For example:

Streamlining processes

Are your drivers expected to call in every couple of hours to confirm their current location, or are they instructed to contact the office upon arrival at or departure from their destination? With the sort of mapping panel used by Trackershop companies you eliminate the need for them to do so. A quick check of the panel shows you exactly where they are.

Better customer service

With a car tracking system, you can put your customers’ minds at rest should they ever call wondering where your staff are. You can reassure them that your driver is only a certain number of miles away, and account for any delays by looking at their journey history, and seeing such things as traffic jams holding up the flow of traffic.

Employee accountability

A quality vehicle tracking system allows you to spot unauthorised use of company vehicles in an instant, be it a diversion from the intended route to run a personal errand, or utilising a company car or van, without permission, outside their usual hours of work.

Logistics and traffic reports

A quality mapping hub will generate live traffic reports in real-time, allowing you to plan an alternative route for your field team that will bypass the annoying and time-consuming congestion. Changes made on the hub will be passed instantly to your drivers’ in-vehicle device, informing them of the new route.


A major risk for companies of any size is the theft of one or more of their vehicles. Not only are they costly assets (not to mention the tools or materials that might be inside at the time of the theft), but the time involved contacting the police and insurers, in order to get it replaced, could be more efficiently spent on other areas of the business.

With some car tracking systems, you are alerted if your vehicle leaves a designated area outside of certain specified hours, whether the vehicle is kept at the driver’s home or in a company depot. Not only are you immediately alerted to unusual behaviour, but the GPS will allow you to track the vehicle, and find out where it ends up – information that will be invaluable to the police, your insurance company, and yourself.

Without question, a car tracking system is an invaluable resource for any company with a fleet of vehicles constantly on the move. If you haven’t already invested in one, now would be a good time to do so.