Winters are around the corner. It’s time to wrap our mittens around. The best part about winters is, they retreat us with cozy and warm nights. The cold rains, grey skies, the wrapping inside feels all together makes winters the most celebrated season. So, why not make it more beautiful? There are cities which turn out to be one of the most beautiful places on this earth. Hence, we have compiled a list of some of the best destinations and the Best ski locations in the world to celebrate winter vacations. If you are planning a long off to treat yourself with your companions, have a look over this list once!

Tallin, EstoniaWinter Vactions
The medieval old town of Estonia stays chirping throughout the year, but as soon as the winter strikes, the destination takes the face of wonders. A toll around Toompea while ending up in Raekoja Plats is a must if you visit there! Also, a glass of glogi is one of it’s speciality there. But, the actual beauty of the city glows after the tourist season ends. Strange? But it’s true! After the last cruise leaves in late autumn. The empty roads of the city all covered with snow, the beautiful silence, says a lot about itself.The famous sights of the city becomes much more clear without the hustle puzzle of the crowd.
The central attractions of the city are the political or commercial buildings and the residential too. The salmon Parliament just gets you awestruck. And, not to forget the Churches. There are two churches, which looks effortlessly beautiful- The Dome Church and The Alexander Nevski Cathedral. Don’t miss it!

Banff National Park, CanadaWinter Vacations
Moraine Lake being the star attraction of this place makes it stand out in the list of best destinations to celebrate the winter vacations. Almost 15 km away from Lake Louise, the crystal clear water of the lake reflects the exquisite high Valley of the Ten Peaks. The walkway amongst the flowery Sunshine Meadows drives you with utter peace and calm inside your mind. Also, the drive underneath the high rugged Icefield Parkway linings and the snow-shedded peaks will satisfy your soul with its beauty. In fact, with the shiny glaciers and sweeping vistas, all these things are just a part of Banff National Park. What’s more? Better visit and cherish the things of this beautiful city.

Bruges, BelgiumWinter Vacation
Bruges in Belgium is kind of place, I would definitely want to visit. The well-fabricated alleyways, snow-covered canals and the mesmerising architecture, all sum up to make the place as beautiful as heaven. Spending bright shining winter mornings and the cold and cozy evenings is all that you would need to get the best out of your winter vacations.

Trakai Castle, LithuaniaWinter Vacation
What if I say you can enjoy your vacations in Disney style? Sounds amazing, right? The Trakai Castle of Lithuania is one such place. In the winters when the lake besides, freeze and the orange spire is stippled with snow dust, nothing can be more fascinating than the view there! The castle is a perfect blend of architectural skills and the nature’s beauty! The place has been a hub for many political treatise. And now, the place witnesses many live concerts, events and festivals. The structure of the building gives the vibes of a perfect Gothic style. If you are a true Gothic, embrace the beauty in your eyes.

Atlas Mountains, MoroccoWinter Vacations
Totally covered in snow, the Atlas Mountains are covered with snow above 3,000m. The best time to visit this bewitching scenery is from November to April. The itineraries of this place are many, of which few are:

-Foothills Trekking
-Kasbah Tamadot
-Kasbah Bab Ourika
-Oualidia (A beautiful hideaway by the sea)
-Villa in the Valley
-High Atlas Skiing

Schloss Neuschwanstein, GermanyWinter Vacations
I am sure most of you all must remember the Sleeping Beauty’s Castle in Disneyland! You know what inspired that? It’s this beautiful building located on a hill above the village Hohenschwangau in South Bavaria. It’s just you won’t find anyone dressed in furs, roaming around. And, the beauty of this place, glorifies even more in winters as the surrounding forest turns out like a while cotton shed. The castle is considered to be the most beautiful, as it was built in a time when nobody used to build a castle for defence purpose. Hence, it’s the sole decorative one.
Interesting fact is, the castle was supposed to have 200 rooms with a hall, but unfortunately, King Ludwig II died before it’s completion. But, though with 15 rooms, it still stands high as the beauty mark of Bavaria.

Lapland, FinlandWinter Vacations
During the winters, this beautiful place is fully covered in snow. The place seems like the wings of an angel. Being the land of sun in the summer season, in winters the place totally turns out to be a white shed due to heavy snow fall. Winters are the best time to witness the serene beauty. What’s the best? The northern lights in the sintery cold night, up in the sky will leave you awestruck, that’s what Lapland in Finland is for you. And, in winters you get to have a santa’s reindeer car ride (exciting na). Another reason? Have you driven a snowmobile or a dog sled? No? Then here is your another reason to visit there. On the cotton like rodas, all snow covered enjoy the dog sled ride.