Safety Strategies for Your Foreign Trips

The long holidays are here, and people are preparing to travel and see the world. For those in North America and Europe where winter is taking a heavy toll, it is time to visit the tropics and enjoy the beautiful sunshine as they welcome the new year and unwind. However, scholarship essay writers recommend that you take caution if you want to travel to a foreign country, especially if you are doing so for the first time. In this post, we shall share out strategies that will help you to keep yourself and belongings safe during your foreign trip.

H2: Be Careful at Your Guest Room

We start our journey where most inexperienced travelers fail. When traveling, you need to understand that you could be safe in a guest room but that does not necessarily mean your belongings are safe. The truth is that people lose valuables in hotel rooms. Unless you are residing in a hotel with functional CCTV cameras in all the corridors and room doors, be careful how you store your belongings.

Keep Emergency Numbers Close

The second tactic that will enhance your personal safety is keeping all your emergency numbers safely. You should keep your family members’ contacts close and safe the same to those of your insurance, bank, doctor, and the nearest security agency.

Keep Off Dark Spots at Night

To keep yourself and valuables safe at night, keep off all dark spots and alleys when traveling abroad. This simple strategy will reduce your chances of being mugged or even injured.

Deal with Suspicious Followers Wisely

If you are walking on the streets and you sense a suspicious character trailing you, you first need to cross to the other side of the road and see if they will follow you. If the person follows you there, you will have no option but to stop walking and ask for security or public help. Alternatively, you may walk into a nearby hotel and see if the person will follow you there. If they do, then it is necessary to alert the security of that hotel about the situation. However, don’t check into your hotel even if it is near since you will give them a clue to start trailing you.

Pay Using Smaller Bills

To keep your hardearned cash safe, you should pay attention to how you pay using cash money. For instance, if you have changed your money into the local currency, make sure you get the smallest possible bills than using a few big ones. The reason is that you could get conned by fake money dealers who will take your original bills and give you fake ones as change.

Don’t Transact in the Streets

If you are traveling in cities with high crime rates, you should be very careful how you transact. Don’t engage street vendors when dealing with matters such as transport booking or money exchange. It is safe to deal with registered service providers lest you get screwed.

Don’t Keep Your Valuables in One Place

Do you remember the saying that goes you don’t carry all your eggs in one basket? This common senserich adage still applies in your foreign dealings while traveling. Don’t put your passport, money, costly jewelry, and other essential documents in one place. To minimize risk, pack them in different places.

Wear Ready for Takeoff

Even though this tip is not intended to scare you, be careful what you wear when traveling abroad. This in particular applies to ladies who like wearing high heels and tight clothes that cannot allow them to run. You need to wear in a flexible manner since when you cannot apply a fight to defend yourself, flight remains the best option. So, wear comfortable shoes since you can face danger even from non-human causes where everyone on the street needs to take off for their lives.

Keep Your Accommodation Address

You should also keep the address of your accommodation. It is necessary to write it on a piece of paper or a notebook since doing so in your phone is not reliable because an emergency can strike when your battery is off.

Show Confidence

Even though you don’t need to play the macho man or become another “local almighty” who has just “landed” in town, you need a sober degree of confidence. When you find out you are lost or you don’t know what to do, don’t show panic in public because you will set up yourself as an easy target. For instance, if you miss the road, just walk into a nearby restaurant and order for a drink and start looking at your map again. If you must ask, then asking the restaurant’s workers is safer than inquiring from strangers in the street. The reason is that hotel workers would be the last people to mislead you in the presence of their colleagues. Moreover, the fact that you took something there will have cemented your relationship with them as their customer.

Wear Your Backpack in Front

To keep your valuables safe in the street, do not carry your backpack in the back. Instead, you should carry it in front since it is easier to monitor it. Placing your pack in the back makes easy for thieves to unzip it and take away your stuff. Some can even cut it to steal from you.

Keep Away Costly Jewelry

When you leave the airport, you should remember you are going out to tour the world. Therefore, resist the temptation of trying to become a jewelry displayer. For your own safety, don’t display your costly jewelry in the streets. Also, do not display your expensive tech devices publicly since you will expose yourself to attacks.

Stay Sober

Since you are a foreigner, you should be careful with alcohol. If you booze, you will become an easy target for thieves. Also, you will most likely end up on the wrong side of the law and entangle yourself in unnecessary legal tussles.

Since you now have the strategies at your fingertips, will you take the initiative and protect yourself and belongings?