It might be your first time heading to a festival, or you’ve been a thousand times before – but regardless, you’ll want to be as prepared as possible. We’ve got some excellent festival hacks to make your music filled weekend even more enjoyable.


A shewee (pronounced she-wee) is a miraculous little invention that is revolutionary for female festival goers. For the women who are already aware of this product – it has been a life saver and changed the way they visit the festival loos. It is essentially a little rubber cup with a funnel on the end which allows ladies to wee standing up; no more sitting on muddy festival toilet seats! Here’s where the real hack comes in, instead of walking half a mile from your tent to the nearest portaloo, keep a plastic water bottle by your tent which you can do your business into during the night. Then you can discard of the contents at the portaloos on your next visit! Gross, but efficient.

Bin liners

They aren’t just for your discarded beer cans and crisp packets, bin liners are brilliant for keeping you dry. Cutting three holes in one and calling it a poncho is pretty standard, but wrapping your feet up in them before putting on your wellies will keep your feet dry and warm should anyone any heavy rain and deep puddles attempt to dampen your spirits. You can also use them as makeshift doormats to limit the amount of mud and grass trodden into your tent. Just lie them out on the entrance floor where most of the mud will collect, you can then replace it with clean one when it gets too much instead of dirtying up your tent floor!

Don’t lose your tent

We’ve all been there – heading back to the campsite after a night of heavy drinking and head banging only to discover 10,000 other people have the same tent as you, and you have no idea which one is yours. Make sure your tent stands out so that you can identify among the masses; use glow-in-the dark paint, bunting, flags, and battery powered fairy lights to customise your tent. Not only are you helping yourself, your festival neighbours will thank you too!

Keeping your phone safe

You can buy lanyard phone cases meaning your shiny expensive iPhone can be kept around your next or attached to your wrist when you out exploring the festival grounds. If you’re worried about it falling out of your pocket during all that dancing you’re going to be doing, pop it inside a little sandwich bag beforehand, that way if it falls, it won’t get wet and muddy! People might think you’re a little weird but it could save your phone’s life! You could also have a “festival phone” preferably an old phone that’s durable and the battery lasts forever. You won’t be able to take photos with it, so just bring an old fashioned disposable camera to capture memories!

Getting to the front

We all want to experience our favourite artist play live whilst being at or near the barrier. If you’re not willing to camp at the front of the arena for a whole day or more waiting, try approaching the stage from the side where the crowd gets thin. Once you’re happy with your distance from the stage, cut horizontally into the crowd. This way you’re not actually pushing past people to reach the front, but to reach the middle. Sneaky but it works! And you’ll annoy less people.