Toby Belfield, the headmaster of Ruthin School in Denbighshire, sent an email to staff explaining that any student with a girlfriend or boyfriend “will definitely get a worse university reference” from him. Belfield also stated that students in relationships should “expect to find a new school in September”. Do you think the headmaster should bans relationships between students?

“I will put together a list of any student with a boyfriend or girlfriend. These students — if in lower sixth form or year 11 — can expect to find new schools in September.”

Not surprisingly, Mr Belfield’s charming comments have spurred on some alienated Twitter users to air their thoughts.

One user takes it even further, accusing the head of breaching the students’ article 8 rights.

Do you think Toby Belfield has overstepped the line by banning relationships between students? Tweet us your opinions @Student_Pocket.

-Written by Elliot Norman-

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