Feminism; the world alone is powerful enough to make some people shudder and conjure up images of aggressive women who promote the extinction of men. Why? Because extreme and white feminism has lead many to believe this is what real feminism is all about; it has ruined the true meaning of feminism and the values it stands for.

So what is real feminism?

Real feminism refers to, “the advocacy of women’s rights on the ground of the equality of the sexes.” That’s right, contrary to popular belief, feminism truly is about equality amongst the sexes, and not about enslaving men – what on earth gave you that idea?

White feminism, and extreme feminism.

White feminism refers to “feminists” that simply exclude women of colour, disabled women, trans women, and sex workers from their “movement”. It essentially lacks intersectionality and isn’t what the movement is about at all. Unfortunately, the media highlights the negativity more so than the positivity.

Extreme feminism isn’t feminism at all – it focuses on the oppression of men and non-supporters instead of advocating for equality as intended. Whilst extreme feminism makes up a very small part of “feminist” men and women – it has painted the movement in a negative light, resulting in other members of society (mostly males) in believing that feminists are simply extremists and “haters of men”.

It’s important that people don’t confuse traditional, well intended feminism with white and extreme. And that these extremists are just a few out of thousands. If a person doesn’t advocate for equality whilst claiming to be a feminist, then know that person’s activism is irrelevant.