The NHS has recently been a hot topic; as a result of £40 billion of cuts to NHS funding this decade, and billions being siphoned off towards privatisation – it’s not difficult to see why it has been deemed a crisis.

New Year’s eve saw utter chaos as ambulances were forced to queue for up to five hours simply to hand over patients to A&E, whilst seriously ill patients are left on trolleys in hallways and waiting rooms. One man, an eighty-year-old father, who suffers with epilepsy and severe dementia was one of those left on a trolley for around 36 hours before he received treatment.

His daughter, Jackie Weaver said, “You can’t blame the staff. It’s not their fault. Despite the pressure they were under, they were very attentive and made sure my dad had food and was changed. The NHS is at breaking point and something needs to be done.”

This is the reality of today’s NHS.

It’s a brutal and harsh environment for NHS staff who are currently forced to work under extreme pressure with decreasing resources, time, and efficient funding. Not to mention abuse they receive from disgruntled patients who are left waiting, sometimes for days, for basic treatment. Staff numbers have dropped in recent years due to feeling underpaid and not being able to cope with the stress working in the sector brings.

The government has come under fire for not doing what they can to protect our British health care system; the NHS has become so underfunded that there are worries it will never recover. With so much pressure on the NHS and the crisis becoming more and more real, it’s important we all know when and where to get treatment and advice to avoid wasting time and resources.

The Stay Well advert explains perfectly what health issues require what treatment.