When it comes to caring for our skin, we are definitely not a fan of winter or cold conditions. And despite March only being a few days away – it seems the UK has been cursed with a freak snow storm, and it’s causing havoc for our skin.

So, to keep your skin soft and glowing during the cold weather, follow these simple tips…

Wash with lukewarm water

A lovely hot bath or shower is exactly what we crave when the weather dips below freezing, but unfortunately, hot water isn’t great for our skin as it can strip away natural oils and leave it feeling dry. Instead, especially when washing your hands or face, use lukewarm water for a more gentle clean.

Moisturise immediately

After you wash your face (with lukewarm water) make sure you apply a good quality moisturiser to your damp skin to help seal in the moisture. A good idea is to keep a bottle near your sink, bathtub, and shower so that you never forget to do it.


During cold winds, rain, and snow – it’s a good idea to wear gloves, scarfs, and hats to protect your skin. Winter sun can be intense and just as damaging as the summer sun, so apply zinc oxide to exposed areas such as your nose to prevent damage.


We often drink less water during colder months because we’d rather have a hot chocolate. But our skin needs hydration to stay healthy. A glass of warm water with a lemon slice can make a warming yet hydrating drink in the winter.


During the winter our skin becomes dry and sometimes flaky; it’s important we remove dead cells particularly from our hands. Moisture cannot get into the skin if dead cells are blocking the entrance! Find a good exfoliating mask to use on your hands and face and then follow up with moisturiser – you’ll see the difference almost immediately!

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