Essay writing, particularly academic essay writing, has never been easy. It typically demands loads of time and meticulous research. Modern day students barely have enough time or the requisite skills to write academic content, or so they claim. The recent spurt of online writing sites across the world should, therefore, come as no surprise to anyone. Many students are now turning to writing agencies for help and the same is bound to continue if the leading reasons behind it are not addressed. In the UK, things are not any different. Below are the main reasons why students decide to buy custom essays in the UK.

1. Pressure from Parents

More often than not, parents demand good grades from their children. This is not necessarily a bad thing. However, coupled with the fact that a child may not necessarily trust in his or her essay writing skills, you can already see how this could be a problem. As would be expected, no child ever wants to disappoint their parents, and thus, he or she does whatever it takes to ‘ensure’ a good grade is attained at the end of the school term even if that means paying someone else to do the assignment altogether.

2. Lack of Interest in the Subject

Academic essays can be punishing especially if a student does not have an interest in the subject. Having to spend hours and hours researching the Internet and going through reading material in the library is not all that easy to do for a subject you have no passion for as well as can barely relate to. This is the case when students are forced to take up units or subjects which they have no interest in.

3. Insufficient Time

The nature of the education system as currently structured means that students are increasingly given loads of assignments in almost all the units. If you are expected to hand in four write-ups every week and you also play a sport, have a social life and a family to attend, then you can see why this is a bit too much to handle.

4. Laziness

Some students are lazy, plain and simple. From the very moment an assignment is handed out, they are already looking for someone to do their task. In this case, they choose to pay for the understanding of the course content which will help them not only in term exams, but also instill the requisite knowledge that will one day be useful in life.

5. Lack of Confidence in Own Writing Abilities

Asking a student who has little to no confidence in their writing skill is pushing it. Such a student will always believe that they will fail regardless of how much time and effort they put into the writing and as such will easily resort to having the writing done on their behalf. Such students should be encouraged on and guided through the entire writing process to ensure that they have to believe in their abilities before turning to a service to write sample academic essays for them.

6. Forgetfulness

When it is a month until the due date of an assignment. The deadline seems too far to care. A couple of weeks later, and you totally forget about the assignment that is due in a few hours and have to find a way to get the work done. So, an average student decides to follow the easiest way out – online writing agencies. Forgetfulness is a major reason why students turn to online companies to complete their college assignments as typically by the time they remember an assignment that is due tomorrow, there is barely enough time for them to finish it and therefore have to rely on professionals who will get the work done in half the time they would have taken, if not less.

7. Failure to Fully Understand the Assignment

If a student does not fully understand what is required of them, they would rather have someone they think understands the assignment better to do it in their stead. They think that this will help them attain a higher grade. Education has been reduced largely to the final grade for students especially in this millennial generation, the end justifies the means. It is, therefore, imperative that lecturers and teachers try their best to explain exactly what they need when they hand over assignments to their students, otherwise they will end up taking the easy way out.

8. Partied Too Much

Students, especially younger ones, have been known to party almost every day. When they are not partying, they are predictably nursing nasty hangovers and therefore barely have the time or are in the correct state of mind to get assignments done. If they have the time, they fear that they will not give the writing assignment sufficient attention and may end up failing; something they can easily avoid by getting someone to do the assignment on their behalf.

The reasons stated above make students buy custom essays from professionals online. Curbing this terrible habit will have to start with addressing the reasons why it happens, regardless of how flimsy or lame they sound. The aim is to look at the bigger picture when addressing these issues and the fact that essays given to students to write are for their own benefit, to begin with.