Put down your cornflakes and cheerios, today isn’t about them, because today is National Toast Day!

In this day and age, it seems every day is dedicated to at least one tempting food source which gives us all an excuse to indulge in it at least once a year. And toast is no exception; the day of celebration started today four years ago in 2014 by Tiptoe World Bread Awards.

How are people celebrating?

People have taken to the internet to show the world their perfect piece of toast and favourite topping using the hashtag #NationalToastDay. While others are probably hosting parties dedicated to bread and toasters… Probably not. But what most people are doing today is enjoying their ideal slice or two for breakfast, maybe lunch, and possibly even dinner – because it’s just so versatile!

What is the best way to eat toast?

There clearly isn’t a right or wrong answer here, everyone enjoys their toast in different ways; some like theirs resembling charcoal, while other people basically have warm bread. But we’ll allow them to call it toast just for today. It seems that degree of toasty-ness (I don’t think that’s a word but you get it) is a topic of big debate, but personally, I think you can’t go wrong with a gorgeous golden brown all over. Slightly more on the crispy side.

Toppings and spreads is a whole other argument; butter shouldn’t be too hard or straight out of the fridge – it could result in toast tears. For many, they stop at butter and have learned to appreciate the taste of grilled bread. But if you’re like me, you like to switch things up each morning and ask yourself, “sweet or savoury?”

If you’re more into savoury, there’s always the controversial veg-spread, Marmite (I’m a lover). Or there’s creamy peanut butter, baked beans, poached egg, melted cheese – the options really are endless. I know a guy who enjoys sardines on his morning toast… I think I’ll draw the line there.

If you’re feeling sweet, then there is an array of jams, marmalade, and honey on offer. I’ve even enjoyed my toast topped with sliced banana before! (Don’t knock it until you try it). You can pretend you’re including your five-a-day… And don’t even get me started on Nutella.

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