I think to some extent, we’ve all experienced at least one unhealthy relationship. Some people suffer through a string of them unable to identify what it is they’re doing wrong and what it’s lacking. A healthy relationship is available to everyone, you just need to know what to look for and what they require to be successful.

A healthy relationship shouldn’t be anything but uplifting, supportive, and unconditional. And these are the five things needed to achieve that…


So many couples are under the illusion that white lies are okay – but what happens is that you end up building lie upon lie until your relationship becomes a web dishonesty. And if you’re simply hiding things from each other, then you will inevitably grow apart as the space between you is filled with secrets. You should be with someone who can be totally honest with you and vice versa; a relationship built on lies is bound to crash and burn.

Self love

If you truly want a loving, caring, and healthy relationship – then you’ve got to learn to love yourself first. Being confident and accepting of yourself creates a stronger ability to care for and love others. It allows you to experience love with another human being without fear. When two self-loving individuals pair up, they will experience the full potential of a loving relationship.


This may seem obvious in a healthy relationship, but there are so many people out there in long-term relationships with people they don’t actually trust. Before you even set foot in a relationship, you need be confident and accepting of yourself – the stronger you are, the easier the ability to trust; it’s all about your self-worth. But if you feel that your partner really isn’t trustworthy, you have to question your future with them.


Instead of talking at each other, talk to each other – don’t let conversations end in raised voices. A healthy conversation between two people should consist of compassion, support, and a lot of listening. Leave your egos at the door, and try to understand what the other person is saying. Let your partner speak and take it in turns to express yourselves.


In a long-term relationship, it’s easy to get caught up in your personal lives or careers – they sometimes take priority when they shouldn’t. Your relationship is what you come home to everyday; it should be the biggest support net in your life and it deserves as much attention as anything else. Everyday, make an effort to connect with each other – make time for your partner and maintain that connection you felt when you first started dating.

If you can master these five things, then your relationship will also be mastered. Let go of the toxicity in your life, and embrace a relationship that brings out the best in both parties.

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