Tackling social anxiety can feel like an uphill battle that slopes ever downwards, but it doesn’t have to be! SPG have come up with simple yet effective ways to help put your anxious thoughts to bed.


Practising deep breathing exercises before an anxiety inducing event can slow your heart rate and keep your brain from over thinking. Try taking a long slow breath through your nose and filling your lungs, holding it for three seconds, and then slowly letting it out through your mouth. Make sure you relax all your muscles as you do so.


The longer we avoid something, the harder it becomes to face it. It is easier said than done, but encouraging yourself to face it gradually makes it easier over time. We avoid what scares us and end up being scared of what we avoid. It’s a vicious cycle which needs to be broken!


If you’re anxious, you’ll want to focus on your feelings instead of the situation which is actually giving you anxiety. Look at what is around you; focus on colours, decor, and anything else which distracts you from how you’re feeling. If you’re not thinking about being anxious, you can’t be anxious!


Instead of worrying about the worst case scenario, make an effort to ask questions and show an interest in the people around you. It’s another great way to distract yourself from your thoughts and focus on the situation at hand. You might find you’re a lot better at socialising than you initially thought!


Know that even the worst case scenario isn’t really going to cause you any harm. Know that keeping calm is key and that panic attacks or anything like that can’t really hurt you. And most of all, remember that there is always someone who feels exactly the same as you do.

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