Just a little extra effort throughout your day could bring about some excellent positive changes in your life. These small yet effective health tips that you can apply to your everyday routine will help you achieve that healthy lifestyle you’d always dreamed of – and it’s totally effortless.

Drink plenty of water

Water is essential for making our bodies work to their best potential; it keeps our organs functioning efficiently, promotes digestion, and supports a strong immune system. So it’s vital that we make the effort to get our daily recommended intake of water which is roughly 2 litres (or eight glasses). That might seem like a lot, but keeping a reusable bottle with you throughout the day will remind you to keep drinking.

Eat rainbows

By that, we mean eat foods that are colourful (sorry, sweets don’t count). But generally, the more colourful the food is, the more nutritious it is! The presence of vitamins and minerals varies depending on the colour of the food, so that’s why it’s important to eat a mixture, hence a rainbow!

Green tea

Trade in your morning cup of coffee for a cup of good quality green tea. It has antioxidants, and gives your metabolism a little boost whilst promoting weight loss. It might not wake you up like coffee does, but its milder boost lasts much longer keeping you going throughout the day.

Drink probiotics

Introducing probiotics into your diet can support a healthy digestive system and leave you feeling less bloated and lighter on your feet. They also minimise the risk of certain recurrent infections in women. Probiotics can be be found in most yogurt drinks and natural yogurt, but you can take probiotics in pill form too!

Consider Echinacea

Taking this age-old remedy can reduce the symptoms of cold and flu. Studies have shown that this herb can help develop a strong immune system and prevent the risk of viral infections. You can take this through tincture or in capsule form just as you feel symptoms starting.

Daily dose of sunshine

Getting a little time in the sunshine each day can increase your intake of Vitamin D; it supports your immune system and promotes bone growth by helping you absorb calcium. Research has shown that Vitamin D is also effective at mood boosting! If you live somewhere where the sun isn’t present much, you can take Vitamin D in capsule form.