You’ve had a late night watching your favourite box-set. You knew tomorrow would be a big day, but you did it anyway. Now you’ve got no choice but to get up painfully early and present yourself to the world. Unfortunately, sticking cocktail sticks in-between your eyelids just isn’t practical… Here’s how you can fake awake…


An all time classic for hiding tiredness, (although you will have to blow your cover indoors) the bigger the better. This is often the look rocked by celebrities as they hop off their private jets after a long flight. It’s true, once you whack on a pair of sunglasses the world automatically becomes a brighter, happier place. Well, a darker, happier place at least. Give it a try, but be prepared for some strange looks on a typically British rainy day.


Sorry guys, the girls have an advantage here I’m afraid. Beauty products like shiny pink lip gloss take someone’s eyes away from yours and on to your lips. I guess if you get the colour right, foundation could work a treat to disguise baggy eyes. If you dare…


Once you’ve downed a couple of pints of water, unleash your secret weapon. Think of caffeine as your super boost to get you going, not keep you going. You don’t necessarily need lots either, just opt for the beverage with the highest proportion of coffee – this is an espresso or flat white.

Distract everyone

Think about wearing bright and bold colours such as yellow or orange, and be sure to spend more time on your hair. If you’re a girl, go for a quick ponytail and straighten. This will give you an immediate face lift! For guys, blow dry, apply some product and comb. How do you think James Bond does it?

Trick yourself

Change the way you’re thinking about your late night. Don’t regret it, embrace it. First, a smile – then completely lie to yourself. You actually had plenty of sleep last night; it’s time to make the most of the day ahead of you. After all, time is your most precious resource!