I believe it is safe to say that at a point in each of our lives we have experienced a loss of inspiration and self-drive. Therefore, you know how difficult this phase can be not to mention that it is accompanied by sluggish behaviour and a general frustration towards life. Not to worry you are not a unique case. However, not everyone accepts that it is a problem worthy of dealing with immediately. By definition, inspiration is anything that has a positive effect on the activities carried out by a person or the ideas he or she wants to come up with. Motivation could be a place, an experience or even a person.

Therefore, when you are overcome with the feeling of low self-esteem that is brought about by little motivation and try to influence yourself; more often than not it will not work, and every action you take will seem counter-intuitive. Without the motivation and drive you are left to be hopeless, stuck and lost. For example, it is nearly impossible to partake in an activity that you are not passionate about with motivation. Compared to the ocean, one day you may feel like a tsunami, and on others, you just feel like ebbing away from the shores. On days that you feel like you are dwindling and that there is no hope you can utilise these 5 tips to find the motivation you need;

  1. Connect the dots

Sometimes in the pursuit of your goals and ambitions, you may lose sight; it may seem impossible to connect the dots appropriately. You have to find faith and trust in yourself and your capability to achieve your dreams despite not having the foresight to see what lies ahead. Connecting your dots is only possible when you look back at what you have accomplished over time.

Then you realise you have been on the right path all along. By connecting the dots, you are guided on the road you are to follow in the future whether it’s your destiny or karma. However, having trust in yourself is the foremost step to feeling motivated and inspired to move forward.

  1. Pre-determine your mood by the environment

Take a moment and scan your immediate environment; does it motivate you? It is evident that we continuously subject ourselves to suffocating work environments. In the process, we try to discipline ourselves to be more fruitful but ultimately lose all the motivation. To turn all this around, you may feel the need to free your workplace of unnecessary distractions and include some lively pictures or art pieces.

A plant could have the same effect in providing you with a source of inspiration for your work. Additionally, if you are more motivated to work during a particular time, if possible, adjust your schedule to that time to allow you to realise the motivation of having a productive work environment and as a result feel more inspired by your environment.

  1. Always have a positive train of thought and focus on the benefits

Take time to realise any form of negativity that may reside in your dreams, eliminate them and replace them with positive thoughts. More often than not, we take more consideration on what we cannot do and why we cannot, however, we must focus on the potential benefits and focus on building the motivation for a particular task.

  1. Never give up

Even if you cannot see it yet, during your life, you have accomplished quite a lot. Try evaluating yourself by asking yourself; how far you have grown, what lessons have you picked up during your development and what do you expect to gain, whether or not you achieve your objective. Your achievements are a big deal, granted they may have taken longer than expected but considering your life it is not that of a big deal.

Also, when you are still pursuing your goals, do not forget that the path you follow is also a determining factor for your motivation. Regardless, whether you achieve your goal or not, there are valuable life lessons along the way that are good inspirational material for future endeavours. It is also evident that by not giving up you stand to gain more through the inspiration and motivation earned.

  1. Do not overwork yourself

Most people overlook the need to visualise and affirm actions they are about to perform, and when working on an activity, they feel weighed down and miserable. However, when you take sufficient time planning your goals and objectives, you are better placed to experience positive feedback and get inspired doing so. Working blindly, no matter how hard you try, is like trying to paddle upstream; which is similar to working without motivation.

Therefore, make the appropriate changes to your work environment, put sufficient trust in your capability and spend time planning your work and entering a state that will motivate and inspire you to the right frame of mind to be more productive and efficient.

Raymond Bennet is a freelance content writer from Carol City, Florida. He graduated from the University of Miami and started his activity in creative writing. Currently working at British Essay Writer for those who need a resourceful education or career assistance.