The most romantic day of the year is fast approaching, and with only one day left before the big day, you may be starting to panic that you haven’t had the time to plan anything elaborate. But don’t threat, we’ve come up with some simple yet lovely stay-at-home Valentine dates that are budget friendly and full of mushy romance.

Games Night

Invite over your friends and their partners for a night of friendly competition. Break out some beer, your favourite snacks, and some classic board games. Monopoly anyone? You can throw in some wagers and enjoy a fun filled night as a couple with other couples.

Wine and Cheese Night

Bring out a selection of your favourite wines and put together the ultimate cheese board. Stick on an absolute classic of a movie, and indulge yourselves in the finest pairings of cheese and vino.

Create Your Own Spa

Purchase some essential oils, scented candles, and practise your massaging techniques on each other. Do some facials, and enjoy a bottle of your favourite bubbly together.

Video Games Night

Get out your favourite games console and work together in some classic co-op couch games. Or if you’d prefer, place a friendly wager and compete against each other. The loser has to go get some more snacks!

Homemade Pizza Night

Forget takeout or frozen pizza from your local supermarket, the making of the food is the fun part! Together, create your own pizzas using an extensive range of your favourite toppings and flavourings. Then scoff them down as you watch your favourite TV show.

Candle Light Dinner

It doesn’t have to be anything fancy, whether you’re eating chicken nuggets, macaroni and cheese, or even a takeaway – anything eaten by candle light is suddenly romantic!

Chocolate Tasting

Sweet tooth? After your meal, break out a collection of different types of chocolate and test them all out. Give them marks out of 10 and together you’ll discover your favourite type of chocolate!

Play ‘Would You Rather’

This silly game can be great fun! Even if you truly think you know everything about each other, this game will certainly reveal more things about your date you never knew about. The questions don’t have to be dirty either, you know!

Watch a Sports Game

If you’re both into your sports and support the same team, then grab your favourite snacks and drinks, and sit down to cheer them on together!

For Valentine dates that aren’t based at home, take a look at our Alternative Valentine Date Ideas!