Love them or hate them, you can’t deny that you always read your horoscope  when flicking through a magazine or scrolling through your feed. Here are the star signs as students…

ARIES – Typically the class clown, but loveable. Doesn’t take much seriously and acts like they haven’t a care in the world. But once they’re alone, they are quite dedicated and concerned for their work.

TAURUS – The student who is usually thinking about food and trying to sneak some during classes and lectures. They’re pretty stubborn, and don’t like to abide by the rules.

GEMINI – Usually turns up to lectures and classes in sweatpants looking like they just rolled out of bed, but somehow always pulls it off.

CANCER – The student who is great at multitasking; they look like they’re listening, when in reality are texting their significant other under their desk. They never even get caught.

LEO – Usually sat at the back of the class talking absolute rubbish with their best mates. They scrape their way through the term and then somehow get great grades at the end of the year.
Student Star Signs

VIRGO – The typical teacher’s pet, who has all of their notes colour coordinated and is probably way ahead on their work. They don’t like to rub it in though… They’re quietly confident.

LIBRA – Usually the socially awkward student who hated being picked on by the teacher or speaking in front of the class, but is the total opposite outside the classroom.

SCORPIO – Probably having banter with the teacher or flirting with the person they are sat with, but are actually quite motivated to get their work done.

SAGITTARIUS – The day dreamer who spends the entire lesson/lecture staring at the clock. They hate education with a passion and are only there because it’s the law.

CAPRICORN – The highly motivated worker who strives for greatness and success. Anyone who gets in the way of that will also know how much attitude a Capricorn has.

AQUARIUS – The student who pretends they are too cool to give a crap about their career path or education, but will have a private mental breakdown when they get one bad grade.

PISCES – The student who would share their answers with you because they were too nice to say no. They are sensitive and hate anyone who criticises their work.