Everywhere you look there’s red roses, mushy Facebook posts, and stereotypical marriage proposals. It kind of makes you feel sick, right? Especially if you’re a singleton on the most romantic day of the year, Valentine’s Day.

So if you’re a single pringle this year, we’ve got a pretty good idea of how your day will be going…

“I don’t need me no man (or lady)!”

You’ll start the day off with a “I love myself” attitude and convince yourself you’re far better off without someone to love. It will only distract you from what really matters in your life right now… right? Love and romance is for chumps!

The bitterness and anger

Deep down, you’re feeling a little jealous that everyone is so loved up and it’s getting harder to convince yourself that you don’t care. So you take the “everyone in love is stupid” approach to make yourself feel better.

Reinstalling Tinder

It’s an awful app, it really is, but on Valentine’s Day – it’s going to be full of sad and desperate singles all feeling exactly the same way as you. Even if you have someone to flirt with online for the day, at least it’s something. And no one else has to know…


At about midday, you’ll realise you feel miserable and alone, and you actually crave attention from anyone who is willing to give it. You can’t hide how you feel anymore, you just want somebody to love, and Tinder definitely wasn’t the place to find it.

Break out the ice cream

A trip to your local supermarket to grab a tub (or two) of your favourite ice cream is a slippery slope that leads to bloating and self loathing, but it’s worth it for the 7 minutes of ice cream consumption. Mask your pain with sugar!

Break out the sweatpants

Baggy pants, stained t-shirt, unbrushed hair, and a naked face – you’ve figured that you have no one to impress, so why bother making yourself look even remotely presentable? Especially if you plan on not leaving your house for the next three days.

Watch soppy romance films all night

By watching fictional characters fall in love and live happily ever after on the television, you get to find brief comfort and hope that one day the same might happen for you. But in the long run, those films are only going to make you feel worse; why do we mentally torture ourselves like this?

Wake up drained

Wake up the next morning with a sticky, tear-stained face, and head straight for the kitchen to finish that leftover ice cream – it’s not gonna eat itself, right? Hopefully the public displays of affection have subsided for today…

But most importantly, remember that you’re not the only singleton out there! And that another singleton is patiently waiting to meet you…