We all pretend we don’t care about the amount of followers we have on our social media accounts, but we really do! And like it or not, but people really do look at your follower numbers, and that could influence their decision to click the follow button on your page.

There’s no guaranteed way to boost your follower count (unless you buy them but that’s just daft), but there are certainly a few tactics that could help you to gain real and relevant followers who like you for you and your content.

Follow legitimate people

The key to getting followers is to become a follower yourself, so if you’re worried about your ratio of following to followers – you’re already failing at the first step. Following active accounts doesn’t only get you follow backs from some people, but it opens you up to a network of people who will interact with your posts meaning your posts are more likely to be seen by other people. Using search bars, hashtags, and trending subjects – find accounts who have similar interests as you to increase your chances of interactions and follow backs.

Have a complete profile

People will want to click on your profile and see something about you that’s worth following. That’s why it’s so important to have a solid and complete profile along with a valuable feed. You should fill in every field that applies to you i.e. bio space, website (if applicable), images, location ect ect. Make sure your icon is a good quality photo of yourself – people like to see the person behind the account before clicking that follow button!
Be active

This is critical for building a following base of real people; people are tired of bots and fake accounts, so being active, sharing, and leaving comments on other people’s posts will prove to profile visitors you’re legit. Expressing your thoughts on popular threads will also expose you to new people. Make sure you’re posting frequently, but not so much you’re flooding your followers’ feeds. You don’t want your followers to feel tired of seeing your content.

Use hashtags and talk about trending subjects

Using hashtags exposes your account to more people, but make sure you’re using hashtags appropriately and you won’t accidentally associate yourself with something you don’t want to. It’s a great way of reaching other users who share similar interests and stances as you which could lead to them clicking the follow button. Talking about trending subjects has a similar effect, but it also allows you to present yourself as a source of news which might attract followers; they won’t want to miss out on all the gossip after all! Especially if you’re part of a fan group or online group.

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