Overnight beauty is so much more than getting your eight hours sleep and taking your makeup off before bed. These beauty hacks really work while you sleep to rejuvenate skin and give you the appearance of being well rested even when you’re not – it sounds too good to be true, right?

So, before you go researching lazy girl beauty regimes, just make these few tweaks to your bedtime routine and you’re bound to notice some pleasant changes in the morning!

Use frozen green tea bags on your eyes

Hear us out, this is a pretty great solution to getting rid of dark circles; the caffeine shrinks blood vessels which reduces puffiness around the eye. The reason for them being frozen is because the tannin in the tea stop the dilation of blood vessels which eliminates those droopy feeling eye bags!

Tie your hair up

Not only does tying up your hair prevent unruly strays from sticking out everywhere, but it stops the natural oils found in your hair from transferring onto your face. But don’t tie it too tight; a low loose bun will be more comfortable and will prevent breakage and headaches.

Use silk pillows

We bet you’ve never heard of this one! Using a silk pillow not only reduces split-ends and frizz, but it means no more pillow creases left on your face. Plus silk absorbs less moisture from your hair and face, and it won’t end up being re-smeared across your skin again to cause breakouts.Overnight HacksTake vitamins

As well as eating a varied diet, taking your supplements will ensure you’re getting enough nutrients. Vitamin A, B, and C are particularly popular with achieving bright and beautifully clear skin while you sleep.

Overnight mask

Are you tired of lathering a mask over your face and then waiting 10 minutes to wash it off before bed? There are now various overnight masks you can use that work to refresh, soften, and revive skin overnight. Imagine waking up to baby-soft skin every morning? That’s the dream. 

If you’re wondering what kind of mask you should be using, click here.