“I’ll do it later” you tell yourself – famous words from lazy learners, but when is later? We’ve all been there; too lazy to study and would much rather be sleeping or binge watching a TV series. Luckily for you guys, I was also a lazy learner – and I’ve got a few tips to help you study even if you really can’t be bothered!

I would’ve written more, but I’m too lazy…

Use apps

Studying from the textbook is so old school, we’re living in the modern day so take advantage of the technology around you. Quizlet is used by one in two high school students and it’s great for breaking down information and, as the name suggests, quizzing you! You’ll be shocked at how many study supportive apps are available and, believe it or not, they actually make studying sort of fun. (I’m using that word loosely).

Little and often

The one thing that puts lazy learners off studying is the thought of doing it all at once! Just because you have a whole textbook to get through, doesn’t mean you have to sit down and read the whole thing word for word. Make a habit of just doing a page at a time; don’t think of it as a giant task, but as little tasks here and there. It’s far more effective because you’re more likely to remember little pieces of information when it’s delivered to you gradually.

Draw up a schedule

Bonus points if you use colour coordination! Drawing up a schedule essentially breaks down everything you need to do, and by seeing it all written down in front of you, it de-stresses you knowing exactly what and when things need to be done! Just make sure you actually follow it…

Watch videos

If you’re a visual learner like myself, watching videos that explain and show you how your study topic works is a great way to take in information. All you have to do is sit there, listen, and don’t fall asleep. Videos are much more engaging, so just let your mind absorb the information as it’s fed to you!

Get creative

If you enjoy a bit of arts and crafts, then creating something visually stimulating while taking notes and revising (i.e. a colourful mindmap) could help you stay engaged for longer. You can then stick these knowledgeable creations in places you see often such as above your bed. You’ll be surprised at how quickly you’ll absorb information you see every day without really trying.