With an endless amount of cultural and historical heritage, Rome is one of the most visited cities worldwide. With endless activities and sightseeing, it keeps its visitors busy. But what is often overlooked is its potential in offering great schools and universities. With the best of both worlds, Rome should be on every future student’s list.

Although the city is one of the most popular tourist destinations, few realize the potential of it being a city to pursue one’s studies in. Not only does a student have the fortune of studying in the eternal city, but he/she can also learn a new language! And by default, that would mean learning the hand signals that go with the words and phrases; so two languages for one. Of course the language will also be a great advantage when it comes to living the food side of the Italian life as well. There’s nothing better than grabbing a coffee after class and knowing how to order it on your own. And what about stumbling upon monuments, churches, and museums by simply taking a walk downtown on the weekend? Not many cities can boast the type of ancient/modern mix Rome has. One moment you’re walking with a gelato, and the next you’re upon the Pantheon! Not to mention the ease of travelling through Europe. One of the biggest details that students often forget, is that not only are they studying in an amazing city themselves, but they also have the possibility of visiting different cities every weekend. With such an important city as the backdrop to one’s studies, there isn’t anything quite like it.

By having such a stimulating environment, it is only right to have an equally stimulating studying path. Recognized more and more each day, the Rome Business School is stepping up their game. The most international business school in Europe, the school offers Masters programs for every type of passion. What’s more is that with a 94% job placement after graduation, the path from your studies to a job has never been clearer. Based in Rome but also spread internationally, the masters offered range from: Business Administration, Political Marketing, Fashion Management, Agribusiness, all the way to International HR Management, eHealth, Food and Beverage, Arts and Culture, and last but not least, Marketing and Communications. With every lecturer professionally acclaimed and an expert in their field, the students receive a top-notch education. And with the possibility of accumulating points that can get you extra training courses, students are continually motivated to learn the most they can.

And although Rome is known as the eternal city, it is safe to say that students at the Rome Business School are known as eternally successful.