It’s not often you find yourself in the mood for writing a gigantic essay are on a topic you couldn’t be less enthused about. The mere thought of constructing such work conjures up thoughts of extreme procrastination – but unfortunately, that won’t make the work disappear or even extend the deadline date.

Luckily, there is a range of online hints, tips, guidelines, and essay help available to make the whole process less strenuous. We’ve got an essay checklist to help you cover everything you need to and structure your writing efficiently.


  • Spend time brainstorming and mind-mapping the subject area.
  • Spend time researching the subject area while making notes.
  • Write your own essay checklist with points that need to be made in your writing.
  • Structure your essay so you know exactly what needs to be written and when.
  • Write a rough draft of your essay.


  • Make sure you state your thesis clearly.
  • Introduce the reader to your essay and the topic you will be covering.
  • Ensure that the research question is answered by your thesis.


  • Ensure that your main idea is stated clearly and effectively.
  • Clearly discuss the main concept.
  • Clearly reference any borrowed information.
  • Make sure your argument is supported by evidence.
  • Each paragraph should follow the same or similar structure.


  • Restate your thesis.
  • Effectively summarise your argument.
  • Address both sides of the argument and make connections.
  • Make sure your conclusion relates to the body of your essay.


  • Each sentence should be concise and not contain any unnecessary information.
  • Sentences should efficiently flow from one to the next.
  • Your language should be formal and professional.
  • Have you proofread your writing to check for grammar and spelling mistakes?
  • Have you checked for word and information repetition?


  • Have you included a bibliography/reference page?
  • You should have used multiple credible resources to back up your argument.
  • All references should be properly formatted.

So next time you’re submitting an essay, quickly refer back to this checklist to make sure your work ticks all the boxes!

After all the time you’ll save with this handy check-list, why not consider learning a new instrument?