So many people who attend a job interview waste too much precious time practising their answers for the questions they’re going to be asked. They’re forgetting to research and prepare for a vital part of the interview that could make all the difference in whether they’re offered the job or not; by asking questions.

That’s right, asking your interviewees questions is vital for two reasons; when asked correctly, it confirms your qualifications and skills for the position. And you’re interviewing them as much as they are interviewing you. Why? Because it’s your chance to find out if the organisation is suitable for you. They’ve got to impress you too!

By asking questions, there are three things you will be achieving – if you ask the right ones that is:

  • You’ll find out if the employer is right for you.
  • Ensure the employer has no reservations about you as a person or worker.
  • You’ll reinforce your interest in the position.

There are infinite questions you can ask, but you should always prepare at least five, and you’ll probably only need three of them – but it can’t hurt to be over-prepared. These are the five most effective in a job interview…

What experiences and skills would make the ideal candidate for this role?

This is a great question with an open answer. It will allow the interviewer to lay their cards down on the table and explain in detail exactly what the organisation is looking for in an employee. You will then confidently be able to say if the job is right for you!

What do you enjoy most about working here/for this company?

It’s good to connect with your interviewer on a personal level; it allows them to share their own feelings on the position. Their answer will give you the insight needed to see how satisfied people are working here. If they’re unable to answer, then it could be a warning sign.

Is there anything about my skills and experience that concerns you?

This question is seriously ballsy… It puts them on the spot and lets you know if there’s anything you need to work on either for the position or another job interview. It also shows you’re confident and not afraid to ask the right questions!

Do you offer professional training?

It shows you’re keen to expand your knowledge on the organisation/business. It also shows you plan on growing in the company which is always a great thing.

Who held this position before?

Were they sacked? Were they promoted? Or did they just leave? The answer will give you an idea on the way this company functions and if their employees are happy.