Growing up in a modern society where sex is embraced and spoken about freely, it’s not difficult to see how so many misconceptions regarding the act were spread from one young person to another.

It’s not until we mature and begin seeking adult relations that we realise sex isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. So, for old time’s sake – let’s take a look at some of the biggest lies we were told about S-E-X.

1.) If you don’t “finish” – it doesn’t count.

Turns out there’s a whole lot more to foreplay and sexual intercourse than just achieving orgasm. It’s a strong emotional, physical, and mental connection felt between two people that involves the exploration of each other’s bodies and fantasies. If reaching orgasm is all you’re in it for, then you may need to stop and think about what sex is really about. The more we lessen the pressure to finish during sex, the more room there is for excitement and pleasure.

2.) It’s supposed to be brilliant every single time.

If there’s one thing the porn industry implied the most, it’s that sex is mind-blowing every single time we have it; how wrong were we! Most of the time, sex is pretty much just “okay” and it might not even result in an orgasm – particularly if you’re female. When you first became sexually active, you probably thought sex really sucked – that’s because sexual chemistry takes time to develop between two people, hence why sex often gets better with someone you’re in a committed relationship with.Sex
3.) In school, everyone was doing it.

Or so we thought; sex seemed like such a big deal when we were going through puberty – everyone wanted to know who was having sex with who and that’s pretty much all the gossip was centred around. Unfortunately, rumours are passed around a lot in school, and as it turns out, very few people were already doing the deed before they left high school. And now that we’ve grown up and gotten into serious relationships, we’ve realised that about 97% of our high school peers were big fat liars.

4.) Bigger is better

Like they say, it’s not the size of your boat – it’s the motion in the ocean! Just because someone is big down there, doesn’t mean the sex is going to be brilliant. For whatever reason, we were led to believe that a man with a bigger member had more potential in bed, but in reality, it’s always been about experience, skills, and knowledge. And one more thing, don’t ever let a man tell you he’s too “big” for protection – they cater for everyone nowadays, ladies!

5.) Your number matters

Your “number” refers to the number of people you’ve slept with, and apparently it mattered at one point. But now, anyone who judges you or even cares about how many people you’ve had sex with clearly isn’t worth your time. The myth was that the more sexual partners you had, the more of a “player” or a “slut” you were, but if you had no or very few partners, then you were supposedly “inexperienced” or “frigid”. Wrong again!

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