Days 1-2 Your Menstrual Cycle and Period Starts

At the beginning of your menstrual cycle, your estrogen levels drop making you feel sluggish, tired, and generally rubbish. You’ll also suffer with uterine contractions which means unpleasant cramping.

What to do – It’s a good time to stretch and exercise gently to relieve cramps and boost serotonin levels.


Days 3 – 7 Your Period Ends

Your estrogen levels begin rising, you’ll feel your energy levels increasing again, and you’ll feel more upbeat! It’s time to take on the world.

What to do – Continue to workout and take advantage of your newly increased energy levels!


Days 8 – 10

Your estrogen levels are high, your face appears more symmetrical, and your skin practically glows! Your testosterone levels will also peak slightly, so you’ll be on top of your game.

What to do – It’s a good time to take initiative and power through your routine.


Days 11 – 13

Estrogen levels have peaked and you’ll feel your sexiest and be your most fertile. You’ll find that orgasms are more attainable and more intense than usual.

What to do – You’ll be more social and optimistic, so it’s a good time to go out and have some fun! Enjoy it while it lasts. And of course, have some fun in the bedroom!


Days 14 – 18 – Ovulation

Ovulation strikes. And when the egg isn’t fertilised, it dissolves. You’ll suffer with sudden hormone changes and your emotions may feel more intense. You’re going to feel lethargic too.

What to do – Drink water, gently exercise, and prepare for a downhill journey of hormones.


Days 19 – 22

Estrogen levels plummet as testosterone and progesterone take over. Your skin will release excess oil resulting in breakouts and sensitive skin.

What to do – Eat healthy; only put good stuff into your body to help ease sluggishness and nourish your skin.


Days 23 – 28

At the end of your menstrual cycle, you might feel bloated due to high progesterone levels and suffer with a lower libido. You’ll feel like you have loads to do but won’t do any of it because of you’ll feel lazy and unable to concentrate.

What to do – Tackle PMS head on! Exercise hard to ease breast soreness, and boost serotonin levels. Avoid caffeine and cut down on your sugar intake. And remember to stay hydrated!



Get ready to do it all again as you jump back to day one. Yay…