If you are considering attending university, one of the biggest decisions you can make is whether to stay at home with your parents or take that huge leap and move away for University to live with other students. This can be difficult to consider, and it can seem so scary having to do everything for yourself, as well as focusing on university! The whole university experience isn’t complete without moving away for university, and here’s why.

Reinvent Yourself

You’re moving somewhere new where chances are, you won’t know anyone. This is a time to have a whole new beginning and not be the person you have been throughout school. This is the age where we grow and flourish the most, and especially if you live in a small town, moving away can be a great way to reinvent yourself. You can either opt to live on campus or if you fancy something a little more up market, the Almero student mansions are a very popular choice.


This is one great reason to move out. It may seem daunting having to do your own cooking, cleaning, and washing, but doing these things yourself will set you up for life, you can’t rely on your parents forever! True independence, although sometimes it can feel like a pain in the bottom, also feels great! You’ll learn life skills and this will make it easier when you leave university because eventually, you’d be moving out anyway. You may have to Google how to boil an egg to start with, but before you know it you’ll be cooking like a pro.

Food Shopping

You get to be in charge of your own food shopping, meaning if you really want to eat pizza tonight, you can. No mum stopping you saying that’s too unhealthy or too expensive. Overseeing your own food shopping makes you look at what you are putting into your body and the real price of food (cheese is so much more expensive than you think). This also means no nagging if you want to eat something weird for breakfast because, technically, you woke up at 12 and its now dinner time.

It is One of The Most Memorable Experiences of Your Life

Ask nearly anyone who has been to university and they will say living in student accommodation was amazing, fun, and they made lifelong friends! Moving into student accommodation gives you the chance to meet people from other courses that you would never have met otherwise and the partying is essential! You can come home at whatever time you want and there is nobody to complain. Of course, the flat meals and the Netflix nights are great too!


Moving out will give you an appreciation for your parents and everything they have done for you. It can also make you appreciate your hometown more, as many of us get fed up and want out. This new-found appreciation will be filled with happiness rather than arguments, as you cherish the time you can spend with each other.

Moving away to go to university is something you will not regret. Get applying to the university of your dreams now!