For both those who love and hate to put their stationery to use outside of class, StudyTube is the latest up and coming trend to make a positive difference in student life across the globe. Open to a wide range of ages, those creating content on YouTube around this topic incorporates tips and advice on how to be more efficient, how to organise, desk tours, and also recordings of themselves working to see these ideas in action. Somewhat akin to ASMR, this community is one which is all about clean, clear learning and making the most of building up a transferable, versatile skill set.

It is always positive to see others who love to learn, especially when they are sharing a subject you are passionate about and encouraging young people to really dedicate themselves to fulfilling their academic potential. Having role models in the public eye who are both visible and admittedly human in their approach is vital to continuing that interest in academics, and for this reason, it is particularly reassuring to see the emergence of this at the moment. A lot of my peers at university have also come across StudyTube and are big fans because, even when procrastinating, these videos are relaxing and helpful to watch. Coming away from them, it is much easier to feel motivated and positive about finding an enjoyable approach to individual work ethic, making it a great resource for building self-confidence as well as broadening perspective and academic approach.

Some of my favourite Study-Tubers include UnJadedJade, RubyGranger, and Studyign, all of whom create regular vlogging content which is creative in incorporating class concepts and new principles. As an English Literature Student considering a potential future career in education, I find it fascinating to hear their thoughts on the learning process as well as what they have learnt about learning itself through school and themselves. What I really like about their style is the fact that it is so versatile and that it leaves me feeling part of a conversation about how education (particularly self-teaching) is something that we all have a say in; after all, if we don’t share and develop our ideas publicly, how on earth can we implement change which will keep it positive, relevant, and useful?

This is a community I highly encourage students of all levels, alongside anyone who loves learning, to get involved in. Particularly if you’re feeling in the middle of a deadline slump and need something to help you get on with that deadline next week, this is your first port of call. It’s relaxing as well as helpful, it’s aesthetically pleasing whilst also thought-provoking, and an excellent fusion of the academic with the creative. What’s not to love?