You’ve probably heard horror stories about travellers who found themselves stuck on the runway for hours on end with limited water and no snacks. If you travel often, you’re bound to experience this at least once – and you’ll be thankful that you followed our advice and packed these tasty, energy releasing travel snacks!


They’re packed with fibre, which helps you feel fuller for longer, plus protein, and plenty of vitamins and minerals. They’re heart-healthy thanks to their monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats making them heart-healthy as they lower “bad” cholesterol (LDL cholesterol). Plus there are so many varieties to enjoy!


Protein bars, breakfast bars, granola bars, and fruit/nut bars – there are plenty of varieties you can take with you during your travels. They’re affordable, tasty, and packed full of nutrients that leave you feeling satisfied for longer periods of time; perfect for long haul flights.


Plain and unsweetened, popcorn is a low calorie, whole grain snack. With only 30 calories per cup serving and a high fibre content – it’s considered a “wonder food” of sorts that will leave you feeling fuller for longer periods of time.

Rice cakes & crackers

They’re often considered a diet food because they are low in calories and fat, and although they don’t supply you with huge amounts of nutrients, they still make healthy travel snacks that provide you with a decent amount of energy releasing carbohydrates.

Protein powder

Take protein powder in a shaker bottle with you through the airport and then add water/milk post security. It will keep your energy levels topped up throughout the journey and deliver essential amino acids to muscle cells.

Dried fruit

Taking fresh fruit on a plane may result in a squashed banana or smashed apple at the bottom of your carry-on bag, so dried fruit makes a great alternative. It supplies the body with large amounts of antioxidants and life enhancing nutrients. It’s also high in filling fibre!