YouGov, the polling experts, have revealed the nation’s most hated and most loved celebs with scores all the way from minus 100 to plus 100. The poll has revealed our favourite royal family member, the most annoying pop star, and our overall favourite celeb – can you make any predictions?

YouGov members vote on a six star basis; a scale from “really don’t like” to “really like”. The score is then averaged into an overall score.

Sir David Attenborough takes the top spot with a Celebs David Attenboroughscore of +83 meaning he is quite frankly admired universally by most YouGov members.

The data is live, meaning dramatic changes can take place overnight – for example – Ant McPartlin, beloved member of TV duo Ant & Dec, fell from +37 all the way to -19 after his arrest last week. Ouch! However, according to the results, David Dickinson is the nation’s least favourite presenter with a miserable score of -24.

When it comes to comedians, Billy Connolly took centre stage with a score of +72, while Roy Chubby Brown took home a pathetic -36.

The results for soap stars weren’t all that surprising; sweet Lacey Turner took first prize with +58, meanwhile Lee Ryan received only -22. Although some are shocked by Danny Dyer’s low score of -9.

It’s no shock at all that Britain’s favourite royal is Prince Harry who came out on top with +63, and the Queen followed closely behind with +56. Prince Andrew fell out the bottom with a measly -30.

Pop stars saw Adele taking the lead with +71, and Celebs Prince Harrypoor ol’ Cheryl flopping with a score of -16, and her partner, Louis Tomlinson, just above her at -3.

As expected, YouGov didn’t shy away from politics either; members voted Angela Rayner as their favourite, scoring +25, while Damian Hinds and Jeremy Hunt scored -69 and -68. The results show there are far more disliked politicians than there are liked – but is anyone really surprised?

Of course, the poll also revealed the celebs we all just adore;

Ronnie Barker +80
Freddie Mercury +79
Eric Morecambe +74
David Bowie +73
Victoria Wood +69
Ernie Wise +66
John Lennon +66
Ronnie Corbett +64

To see the full results, plus the most and least liked sport stars and talent judges, visit here.