In the summer months, festivals are without a doubt the highlight; they consist of nothing but carefree fun, sunshine (hopefully), your favourite bands, and too much drinking. And while there are hundreds of “festival essential” lists – it seems that information on actually keeping clean at a festival is lacking.

So, to help you feel fresh and fragrant over the long weekend, here are a few hacks and tips you’ll love us for…

Surviving the toilets…

Probably the scariest part of a festival is attempting to use the horrific portaloos on day three of the event. But all you need to get through the ordeal is toilet roll, antibacterial gel, and bravery!

It seems the toilets are rarely re-stocked over the weekend, and toilet roll often runs out pretty fast as well as the hand soap. So as long as you pack the toilet essentials, your trip to the loo should hopefully be an uneventful one with no gross surprises you can’t handle!

You could also invest in a head torch for late night trips so you can see exactly what you’re doing and what you’re, uh, sitting on. And remember, always wear your wellies in the cubicles; flip-flops just won’t protect your feet from those groggy toilet floors.

If you’re really squeemish, you can buy yourself a toilet seat cover which is great for protection against sitting in something unpleasant. Alternatively, you can take some antibacterial wipes with you and give the seat a quick wipe before parking your bum.

Waterless washing…

As festival season approaches, you will probably make a quick dash for your local drugstore to stock up on face and body wipes, and while they’re great for a quick freshen up, they don’t eliminate odours or actually clean you.

Fear not, there are now ways of keeping clean and getting a decent wash without stepping foot in the dodgy festival showers. Hear us out, but there is a range of waterless washing products available that make washing at festivals possible.

No water body wash, shampoo, and conditioner can be applied to your skin and hair, massaged in, and then towel dried afterwards – don’t worry, you’re not left with any sticky residue of smears either! Of course, dry shampoo will always have a place in our hearts; it’s great for eliminating that greasy root look which makes it the perfect product for inbetween washes.

Drying off…

A festival towel is essential, especially if you’re experiencing downpours of rain and you’re using waterless washing products! But you don’t want just any old towel, you’ll need a microfibre, quick-drying towel.

They’re lightweight, compact, and save you space in your weekend bag. Some have antibacterial properties which prevent mould and odours developing.

So, no more will you need to shower seconds before you leave for the festival and last a full 3 days, just grab yourself these cheap and reliable products to ensure an odour free weekend!