No longer do I want to live a life where I’m spending five days a week waiting for Saturday and Sunday, it’s tiring and frustrating – and complaining won’t make it go any faster. The reason our weeks are slow-paced, messy, and generally boring may be down to the fact that most of us totally fail to prepare for it!

So, it’s time to reset your mindset and plan your week in advance with these super productive things to do on Sunday!

Fill out a weekly planner

If you have a particularly busy lifestyle, you’ll benefit from filling in a little diary that plans your weekly goals and responsibilities appropriately. It makes weekly tasks easier and it’s the first step in making your week productive. Write a to-do list, use colour coordination with highlighters to show priority, and make sure you follow it accurately throughout your week to really reap the benefits!

Plan your outfits

If you’re like me, the most time consuming part of your weekday mornings are choosing what to wear; I could easily waste 15 minutes of my morning wondering if my jumper would clash with the jeans I wanted to wear. It was a small daily battle until one Sunday when I decided to open my wardrobe and plan my outfits for the next five days – and I never looked back! I had an extra 15 minutes every morning to either lay in bed or do something else productive before I headed off to work.

Create a meal plan

Take some time out of an uneventful Sunday to pop to the supermarket and pick up some groceries for planned meals. Each night you’ll know exactly what’s on the menu and won’t waste time deciding. If you want to be super organised, you can introduce meal prep to your Sundays; cook and store multiple meals to enjoy over the course of your week! This method also works great if you want to try out a new diet. Can you imagine how much time you’d save if you didn’t have to cook every night?

Time out

Sometimes, the most productive way to spend your Sunday is to simply mentally prepare yourself for the week ahead. Sure, it’s everyday tasks and responsibilities that usually build up and result in that daunting pre-Monday feeling, but sometimes it’s mental preparation we’re lacking that makes Monday seem so tricky. So, take time to refresh, replenish, and experience some “down time”. Take a bubble bath, practice yoga, try meditating, or simply take a while out of your day to chill and do something you love.