To thoroughly enjoy this cultural day of celebration, we have put together a list of super simple but fun drinking games you and all your friends can take part in! But remember to drink responsibly!

Drunk Jenga

Using a game of Jenga, take time writing down dares and rules on all the blocks which people must follow when they remove them from the tower. If you knock the tower down, you have to down your drink!


If you haven’t played this before, where have you been? This iconic drinking game is so easy; simply listen to ‘Roxanne’ by The Police, and drink every time you hear the word ‘Roxanne’. You’ll be drunk in no time!

21 Dare

In a group, take it in turns to count to 21 but make sure you’re not the person who says 21. If you do say it, you must drink and the rest of the group has to dare you or ask a truth from you. A primary school classic!


This is a daft one, but all evening everyone must wear their shirt over their arms tucked to their side (so you’re left with little dinosaur hands). There’s no competition, but it’s hilarious watching people try to drink with tiny arms.

Would You Rather

The most iconic of all drinking games, but with a twist! One person is asked a ‘would you rather’ question, the rest of the group vote on which answer they think that person will choose. Whoever gets it wrong must down their drink!


Sit in a circle, one person must whisper a question to the person next to them. The question should be answered with a person’s name from the group (i.e. who is the hottest in the circle) answer with the name aloud, whoever wants to know the question must drink.


Have the group sit at a table and rest your heads on it. On the count of three, all snaps your heads back up and stare at someone else in the group. If the person you’re staring at is also staring at you – you must drink! It works best with more players.