Have you ever wondered what it would be like to travel all over the world in style, meet new and exciting people, and get paid at the same time?

In addition to that, would it also be possible to spend most of your working hours surrounded by lively entertainment? Well, one example of such a life-changing career is that of a croupier.

What do croupiers do?

A croupier is employed by – and represents – a gambling house and is appointed to manage the activities at a gambling table. They are also referred to as dealers and are mostly employed by casinos.
The croupier manages the conducts of the players at his/her gaming table, distributes bets and payouts, and deals cards among other tasks. Of course, a croupier’s duties would vary from one country to the other, but these are the common tasks expected of them.

A life-changing career and enviable work conditions.

There’s practically never a dull moment when working as a croupier. Casinos are in demand worldwide, and so are the staff that will run the tables.

For those that love travel, you’ll hardly do better than a career as a croupier. Especially when you’ve had experience working in London casinos, you become a highly-sought after professional. It’s a jet-setting lifestyle and an enviable way to earn a living.

Some of the places you could expect to find work include:

  • Cruise Ships – Get to work on a floating luxury hotel and see different countries. This week you could be sailing in Caribbean waters and shortly after you are off the coast of France, Italy or the UK.
  • Land Based Casino Houses – Many of them exist from Las Vegas to Ibiza, London to Cairo, Singapore to Lisbon, etc.
  • Most Luxury Hotels.
  •  Exotic Resorts Worldwide.

The salaries are also attractive and will increase as you become more skilled. Again, London casinos win in this regard as they pay much better than establishments outside London and even better than casinos in many other countries.

Here’s why you need croupier training:

To the untrained eye watching a croupier at work in a casino, it would appear to be an easy job. But this job requires specific training and skills for success.

Most importantly, to succeed as a croupier, you must be fit and healthy and trained in several analytical skills that require time and patience to nurture. Among other things, you’ll be trained in customer service, to be good with numbers, friendly, observant, to interact with different personality types, be neat and tidy, and remain calm under pressure. Another thing about getting proper training in a reputable company, especially a London-based one such as ours is that it increases your chances of fast promotion as the courses are mostly practical in life-like casino settings.

You’ll quickly learn about American Roulette, Blackjack, Three Card Poker, and even Baccarat or Texas Hold’Em.

For a job that will remain ever exciting and is well compensated as you learn the ropes and prove yourself to be trustworthy, that of a croupier is hard to beat. It’s literally your passport to the world.

You can learn more about it at www.aceacademy.eu