Sports activities for students and various games are probably one of the best pastimes for young people. Unfortunately, these days students are majorly lured into ‘activities’ that require only the movement of a hand, like surfing the net, playing video games, and chatting in social networks – and that’s definitely not good.

Why is it essential to pick a sport? Well, there are numerous reasons:

Sports activities for students = comfortable sports shoes

Everyone knows this simple truth, right? Sport helps us control our weight, improve our mood, combat health conditions and diseases, it promotes better sleep and makes us more energetic and cheerful. Students with their busy lifestyle need such health boost even more than any other ages.

Fun sports games = Bonding experience

Socialisation, making friends, sharing fun and exciting moments with your peers, fantastic friendship and teamwork skills – all these bonuses are also important for most students, as no one in the college or university wanna be an outcast.

Play sports = Boost your brainpower

Yep, sports activities make you think, and not solely through strategising, but on the physiological level too. The thing is exercising increases blood flow to the brain that stimulates brain growth.

The report from the Institute of Medicine says: “Children who are more active show greater attention, have faster cognitive processing speed, and perform better on standardised academic tests than children who are less active.”

Thus, taking a break in your studies for a short sports activity is always a great idea to keep your mind sharp and alert.

Regular activities = Acquiring time-management skills

Wanna become better at planning your week and multitasking? Different sports activities are able to handle it! Also, you’ll learn to focus on important things and achieve your short and long-term goals.

REMEMBER that the best kind of exercise for you is the one you really enjoy! Still not sure? We’ll try to help your choice.

1. Traditional Team Sports

Team sports like soccer, basketball, volleyball, football, softball are probably the most popular sports activities among students. First of all, they’re easily accessible as you don’t need any special equipment or perfect skills. Moreover, due to the popularity of traditional team sports, you’ll likely be able to choose from several options along with your location.

Besides keeping fit and healthy, you’ll also get other benefits of team sports and become more responsible, focused, active, learn how to be a team player.

2. Dancing & Yoga

Wanna have fun doing sports along with listening to cool music and relaxing? What can be a better idea than a dancing class? Tango, salsa, hip-hop, jazz-funk, swing, contemporary…  just keep experimenting with the communities until you find the one you really enjoy.

Besides dancing, you may like yoga, gymnastics, Pilates, aerobics, circus arts, or cheerleading. And the greatest part is that you can invite your friends and family to see how you perform in a concert or even partake in festivals and competitions.

3. Outdoor Exploration Sports

If you’re into sports activities, which let you explore the world and learn new skills at the same time, here are several ideas for you: hiking (backpacking), rowing, cross-country skiing, rock climbing, cycling.

Challenging and drumming up, these fun activities can be done with your roomies, with your best friend, or even solo.

You’ll see fantastic sceneries, take amazing photos, have a time of your life, and forget about your daily routine with any of these sports.

4. Solo Sports

If you’re looking for a workout, allowing you to switch and kind of meditate without speaking or even seeing somebody else, you might consider swimming as an awesome option. This low-impact total body workout can vary from freestyle to aqua aerobics, from local lake to outdoor pool. An hour of swimming gives you a great charge up and burns about 600 calories too.

Running, parkour, strength training can also replace swimming as the great ways of spending time on your own with profit to your health.

5. Unusual Sports

Is there any better target audience for unusual and fun sports games than students? The sports activities mentioned above have nothing to do with boredom, traditions, and bad mood. All three are rather experimental and challenging, so they’re definitely worth a try.

  • Quidditch

Obviously, this sport was adapted from the pages of Harry Potter books. Unfortunately, the players don’t ride brooms in real-life circumstances, but the game is still very entertaining:

  • Roller Derby

This is a full-contact sport played on wheels both by men and women. It’s nothing like any other sports experiences – authentic and unique.

  • Kickball

Another not-so-widely-spread kind of high energy, fun sports activities for students you might like.

Don’t forget to wear special outfits together with the comfortable sports shoesEnjoy your life and do whatever makes you happy, since you’ll never be younger than right now! Try to make time for yourself, and if you are thinking to yourself “how will I manage to write my dissertation, find time to keep healthy and eat well?”, remember that if you complete tasks little and often, you’ll soon find yourself getting ahead!