Who likes the anxiety which often accompanies interviews and resumes?! Well, that’s what job hunting is all about! Things can be even tougher if you have no clue what you want to do in life. There’s no way you can possibly convince an employer that you’d be passionate and dedicated enough in your work if you yourself aren’t sure about your career.

Talking about careers, a great multitude of young minds are opting for a career in gaming these days. Game Designing can be exciting, fun and well-paying too! Take a look at the world-class JackpotCity casino games and you’d know what we’re talking about!

Here’s a students’ guide to gaming to help you further. Let’s now go over 4 good reasons why you should make a career in game designing:

Competitive salaries

Although you must not plan making a career in an industry just because of money, the fact that game designing pays pretty well is a nice incentive! Game artists, audio workers and game designers usually start out at an average salary of £48,000 per annum. These figures were revealed by the US Bureau of Labour Statistics in 2011. Not too shabby a pay to see your artistic vision take form of new-age video game releases!

Evolving industry

There is one thing that’s constant in the gaming industry, and that is ‘change’! With new technologies evolving every now and then, it becomes inevitable for developers to incorporate them into new products and regularly launch new games in the marketplace. In fact, gaming industry would keep you on your toes and make it necessary for you to stay updated with the latest trends. Needless to say, you’d be working with all the latest technologies! On a side note, here’s a piece on how parents can encourage their kids into becoming video game designers when they grow up!game designing

Creative room

It’s the game designers who decide the overall theme and feel of the game. They pen design documents, create character sketches and develop story boards once the initial concept is finalised. Being a game designer makes you are in charge of the affairs and puts you in the driver seat.

However, it’s not all about fun and games. You’d also be expected to make some very tough decisions which would completely change the feel and look of the game. You’d need to decide if game elements fit well with the overall objective and concept of the game, and find different ways of eliminating the ones that don’t. Although it involves a lot of pressure, its good leader-type of pressure overall!

Low entry barrier

As per the US Bureau of Labour Statistics report, the barrier to entry in the video game designing world is at an all-time low. Just out-of-school video game designers don’t have to struggle much these days to find their place in some big game studios. There are all kinds of inexpensive design tools you can use to independently create your own portfolio.

Social, mobile and casual games have also resulted in formation of many smaller companies where you can easily find work and create a good foundation for yourself in the gaming market.