It’s tough being a student, time is scarce, deadlines are everywhere, and not to mention everything seems so expensive!. You can check out our savings calculator here to find out just how much you could be saving each month by making the switch to e-cigarettes. On average if you are smoking 20 cigarettes a day you could save £3,706 a year! That’s a whole lot of big nights out at the Union! Sorry, that’s a whole lot of study material and books! Yeah…that’s totally what we meant to say.

At Vaporized, we make vaping easy, with knowledgeable staff and competitive prices, finding the device to suit you won’t break the bank. If the monthly savings aren’t enticing enough to prompt you to quit, what about your health?

In each and every one of our e-liquids, we only use three food grade ingredients – Vegetable Glycerin, Propylene Glycol and Flavourings. Nicotine is optional.  We create these in our state of the art production facility, or we vet our suppliers and only work with trusted and tested manufacturers.

So, rest assured, at Vaporized there’s no nasty surprises or scary chemicals within our products. You can trust us as a reputable company, we only settle for the highest quality.

Oh and one last thing, it may sound like we are going off on a tangent but did you know, “People who smoke before drinking are more likely to experience a hangover and more intense symptoms than those who don’t”? [3] Be the life of the party without the side effects, kick the habit and Inhale the freedom.

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