The online fitness community is full of noise; conflicting information, unusual workout regimes, and endless dietary advice. But these five ladies offer all the motivation and advice needed to get you into shape this summer; from exercises, health tips, and meal ideas – these are the female fitness bloggers you should be following in 2018…

1.) Karena and Katrina

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These best friends recently launched a fitness empire via social media that offers a range of easy-to-follow workout videos, recipe ideas, plus motivational and truly inspiring posts. Their digital community is all about empowering women to reach their health and fitness goals through ultimate girl power!

Instagram: @toneitup
YouTube: Tone It Up

2.) Carys Gray

Carys Gray is a young lady from Cardiff who has taken Instagram by storm; her account, which has over 500K followers, is the ultimate page for fitspo and booty inspiration! She encourages us all to embrace our hip-dips, offers top-of-the-range fitness advice, and she even has her own clothing brand! She has to be one of our favourite bloggers!

Instagram: @busybee.carys
YouTube: BusybeeCarys

3.) Aylish Rutherford

Newcastle student, Aylish, is demonstrating to all us uni folk that there is always time to keep fit and motivated. Since beginning her fitness transformation back in 2014, she has offered her community of followers a range of workout, dietary, and lifestyle advice to achieve their fitness goals.

Instagram: @aylish_fitness
YouTube: Aylish Rutherford

4.) Madalin Giorgetta

Madalin is an australian personal trainer and Gymshark athlete who took to social media in order to encourage, motivate, and support other women in their fitness journeys. Her own transformation has been an incredible one – and it’s shown us that anything is possible if you really put your mind to it!

Instagram: @madalingiorgetta
YouTube: Madalin Giorgetta

5.) Faya Nilsson

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Swedish personal trainer, Faya, combines fashion and fitness as she workouts in style at all times; plus she shares with her followers workout plans and healthy recipes along the way. After a successful Instagram career, she even wrote her very own book; Fit in 3: The Scandi Plan.

Instagram: @fitnessontoast