Ask any sex therapist and they will tell you one of the most important things about a healthy sex life is trying something different.  For some that might mean shopping for sex toys on adult sex toys sites like Pleasure Delights or Love Honey. But while for others it might mean having sex somewhere different.  So where are the most popular places other than the bedroom to have sex?

1. The back garden

Now this one depends on how overlooked you are (and how much of an exhibitionist you are) but if you have the right garden it can be a great place to make out.  A warm summer’s night is a great example and the darkness can help mark what’s happening a bit – as long as your neighbour doesn’t have one of those motion activated security lights!

2. In the shower

The hot steaminess of the bathroom is ready-made for sex and can make things a lot more fun.  Also, you can be a little less conscious about the noise levels as the running water from a shower can make them some.  You can also try different positions in the bathroom as the bath or shower cubicle can make it easier to brace yourself.

3. In the car

Sex in the car might seem a bit teenager-ish but can be great fun and there’s a few different positions you can try.  Find somewhere secluded and remote where you won’t be interrupted, pop on some mood music and enjoy yourselves. Just make sure you keep track of certain things – like where the car horn is!  And make sure you pop down a blanket if you are using the back seat or otherwise there could be some tricky questions from the kids or the members of your carpool the next morning.

4. On the beach

Again, privacy can be the issue but if you can get some alone time on the beach with all that warm sand and the sound of the waves, it can be very stimulating.  A little preparation is key though – put down a towel to avoid getting sand in uncomfortable places and spoiling the mood entirely. And don’t be too tempted to go down and try it out in the ocean – the salt dries things up and can quickly ruin the mood.

5. On the sofa

A sofa should never be overlooked as a great spot for sex or even an overstuffed chair.  They are comfortable, easy to try lots of positions with and even give a little bounce when you need it.  Just make sure that the sofa in question is strong enough for the job as you don’t want to explain to anyone the next morning why the springs on the sofa are suddenly broken and no-one can use it.

6. In the kitchen

The kitchen is associated with a lot of things and there’s no reason that having sex can’t be one of them.  Those kitchen benches can be at just the right height, depending on how tall your partner is and there’s lots of fun things you can try.  Plus, if you want to experiment with the whole food and sex thing, it is a lot easier to clean it up in the kitchen than in other rooms of the house.

7. On the stairs

This one might not work if you have hardwood stairs or you might want a cushion or a blanket.  But for carpeted stairs, there are loads of different positions you can try, and the steps make it easier to overcome those height differences.  You can also use bannister and other stairs to get a little leverage and grip when needed.