Supporters of Bell End near Lickey End, Worcestershire have successfully campaigned to retain their historical street name. Residents started a campaign in January of this year after complaining that it was one of the rudest road names in the country and they were seen as a “laughing stock” for their smutty address.

But a rival campaign, Leave the Historic Name of Bell End Alone was signed by thousands, and the lewd label is set to remain.

Supposedly the fourth on a list of filthy street names in the UK, Bell End is one of several in this green and pleasant land.

Nether region names feature widely across the country:

  • Cock hill Lane,¬†West Yorkshire
  • Fanny Avenue, Derbyshire
  • Balls Green, Kent
  • Brown Willy, Cornwall
  • Happy Bottom, Dorset
  • Hole of Horcum, North Yorkshire
  • Twatt, Shetland
  • Beaver Close, Surrey

Others include references to intimate interplay:

  • Fingringhoe, Essex
  • Cockermouth, Cumbria
  • Cockplay, Northumberland
  • Dick’s Mount, Suffolk
  • Friar’s Entry, Oxfordshire
  • Menlove Avenue, Liverpool
  • Pant, Shropshire
  • Pump Alley, Middlesex
  • Slag Lane, Merseyside
  • Wideopen, Newcastle
  • Cumming Street, London
  • Intercourse, Pennsylvania

While there may be questionable kudos to live on saucy street, Bell End residents should be grateful – there are far worse places to have as your address. Spare a thought for those who live in:

  • Shit (Iran)
  • Cunt (Turkey)
  • Anus (France)
  • Dildo (Chad)
  • Semen (Indonesia)
  • Bum (Nigeria)
  • Climax (Canada)
  • Three Way and Wet Beaver Creek (USA)

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