Social media is buzzing today around the #mycareerpath. People are happily sharing their career path milestones from entry level to now. Some have had meteoric promotions, others have had a bump or two along the way, but many are full of positive stories.

@katiejrice was a pet store girl at 17 and a storyboard director at 36

@Dreamcastguy went from homeless to fulltime YouTuber in 12 years

Some aren’t so positive

@ckhyena has stuck with the same choices

@Chikuto’s tweet was brutally honest but her commitment to finding her way in the world of art is clear.

@strain42 doesn’t specify whether their career path has been progressive or regressive

@AdamGCB seems to be suffering

and @rawnzilla seems to have regressed, professionally and evolutionarily.

Our favourite tweet comes from @hayhaynune

We couldn’t put it any better ourselves.