If you think your working week is stressful – imagine how Walter White felt? I can’t think of a job more tough and demanding than a meth manufacturer. I guess that makes him a pretty good character to accurately represent your day-to-day life in the office? Or wherever it is you work…


It might just be me, but why is Monday the day you’re always running late for work? I guess it takes quite some time to shake off the tiredness from the weekend, but you can’t help but get that panicky, sinking feeling in your chest when you glance at the clock and realise you’re running late…


Co-workers start getting on your nerves pretty early on in the week, some are plain mean, others patronise you, and some are just trying too damn hard to be your friend. Look pal, I’m just here to make money and leave, okay?


How are we only half way through the week? And even though you really dislike working, why is there always that one colleague that keeps interfering with your job? It really winds you up, but they keep taking credit for things that you’ve achieved.


We’re over the hump, and the workload is getting hectic – but if you’re completely honest? You’re not getting paid enough to care.


Coincidentally, it’s the end of the week and it’s payday! The weekend is closing in fast, and you still haven’t received your pay cheque – you have a serious sesh that needs funding over the next two days, and you’re worried your manager has literally forgotten to pay you.


Hallelujah for the weekend! You got pad, the night is young, and you and your bestie are busy planning out a booze infused trip into the city. What mischief are you going to get up to this time round?


Sunday is spent just like any other Sunday; hungover, rolling around in bed, and wondering what the hell happened last night? And nothing hurts more realising you forgot to put a glass of water next to your bed.