The internet and our digital devices have provided us with the ability to track our lives and the world via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and many more social media channels. It’s a blessing and a curse to be living in a time which is so technologically advanced.

We’re guilty of showcasing our lives online just like millions of others across the world, but it is having negative effects on our health. Going on a digital detox comes with some unexpected health benefits…


If your phone isn’t in your hand or back pocket vibrating every two minutes like it normally is, you’re going to get a lot more done in the real world. Being online or on your phone 24/7 will make you feel detached from reality. Less distraction and less procrastination mean a more productive attitude. Have someone take your phone and any other digital distractions away from you when you know you have more important things to do such as an assignment; you’ll notice your work will be done much quicker.


Stepping away from the virtual world for a few days will allow you to do some meaningful connecting with other people around you. You will appreciate the company of others and even develop some new relationships. Online relationships aren’t as satisfying as the ones you make in real life, and we should be making more of an effort to maintain our relationships with loved ones.


Without the distraction of your phone or the internet, you’ll find you will have more time to relax and think about the things which really matter. Feeling relaxed will also be down to having more hours in your day to do all of those important things, as opposed to spending them with your eyes fixed on a screen. Falling asleep will also be easier and your stress levels will drop. A peaceful mind makes a peaceful life!


We’re part of a generation where it feels strange and sometimes scary to not have our phone in our hands or in our pocket at all times. You probably try to do three different things all at once while still holding your phone in fear you’ll miss an important notification! You should switch it off, put it away, and see how much more quickly you can get other things done! Know that there will be no dramatic changes in the time it will take to do the hoovering.

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